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Specialists in the manufacture of unique parts

Basque Country

Mitxelena is located in one of the most important industrial poles in Southern Europe, the Basque Country, at a strategic point of the Atlantic axis between France and Spain.


People are our most important asset. We all participate, we all take part, and this redounds to the benefit of the client. Starting in the year 2000, Mitxelena became a COOPERATIVE. Throughout its history, its workers have participated actively in meeting new challenges. 60 years of history back its track record, and a cohesive, qualified team guarantees its future. Today, the working partners comprise 85% of the company.


Mitxelena has a firm commitment to Social Co-responsibility. It is a company objective for its economic activity to be a contribution to the common welfare.


From its beginnings in 1975, Mitxelena has relied on a highly-qualified group of workers. At Mitxelena, special emphasis is placed on in-house training, and every machine operator becomes a specialist at that machine. Despite the fact that every order is unique, we have extensive experience in the manufacture of special parts.


Many clients and companies visit us at our installations to consult and clarify their doubts when designing new parts. Our experience enables us to counsel clients on manufacturing details that may alter design.

MITXELENA - Employment offers


We offer consultancy and cooperation when it comes to confronting the manufacturing process of large-scale parts.



Innovation and continuous training are commitments we make to face the challenges that our clients bring us.

MITXELENA: Strategic location

Basque Country

Located in the Basque Country, at a strategic point of the Atlantic axis between Spain and France.

Technical clarifications about your project

From our first contact up to delivery, we work together on the manufacture of large-scale parts.

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