Mitxelena to sponsor the Hernani women’s rowing club

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Mitxelena to sponsor the Hernani women’s rowing club

Mitxelena will be supporting the Hernani women’s rowing club throughout the regatta season for 2019. We are a cooperative with firm ties to Hernani and Buruntzaldea, and have historically maintained a strong social commitment to our community. The present-day Mitxelena is a result of worker and population initiative, and the rowers of the Hernani team are making a similar contribution to the people.

Hence, in the 2019 season, the name of Mitxelena will appear on the shirts and boats of the rowers. We cannot think of better ambassadors to represent our brand. Throughout the year, they work silently, putting in many hours of unpublicised training to achieve a small echo during the two months comprising the season. But thanks to their hard work, they have been managing to expand the social dimensions of female sports.

Within the internal reflections of the last two or three years at Mitxelena, one of the basic constants has been the implementation of gender parity, and we are achieving favourable results. Being part of a popular sports initiative launched by the women of Hernani is one clear consequence. We hope that the help of Mitxelena can provide some tailwind to get ahead.

Onward, girls! Row!