Mitxelena receives the Bai Euskarari 2018 second prize

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Mitxelena receives the Bai Euskarari 2018 second prize

We received the news with exultation: yes, every year, the Bai Euskarari Certification Association distinguishes companies and entities who work for the benefit of Euskera. In our case, the Mitxelena Cooperative has been awarded its second prize. The acknowledgment of our commitment to Euskera fills us with special satisfaction, among other reasons, because we are a company working in an industrial sector where Euskera represents a very small minority.

Indeed, at Mitxelena, we believe that results are as important as work processes and patterns. For that reason, almost 80% of the workers are members of the cooperative and we have implemented processes to strengthen the relations between them based on our values, since we spend a great part of our lives together.
Euskera is basic in personal relations at Mitxelena. It could be said that Euskera is its mother tongue. It is, without a doubt, the first language of our business model, and we attract those who have difficulties with Euskera exemplifying the power of its use. Whenever possible, we use Euskera in our relations with customers and suppliers, and we teach our clients abroad that the most advanced technologies and methods also speak Euskera. Apart from being the language in which we interact and communicate, we believe that Euskera may serve as an incentive to sales, since it is intimately bound up with the “Basque” brand in the excellence level associated to the industrial sector.

In any event, apart from the marketing angle, we continue to use Euskera in our everyday tasks because it is what comes naturally to us.

The Bai Euskarari acknowledgment has given us significant impulse to continue on the same path, and we want to thank them here.